The Andimal



The Andimal

At three years old, The Andimal was irrevocably impacted when witness to Motley Crüe‘s Tommy Lee performing his “Girls Girls Girls” tour drum solo; yes, the one where he was spun in a cage over the crowd. The Andimal knew then and there what he wanted to do with his life: transfer his intense vitality to audiences by banging on stuff, stealing attention from others, and talking trash. He has been said to have found inspiration from Animal of The Muppets Band for his ability to excite young females, constant growling/screaming, and seemingly boundless stage energy.

Skin-bashers like Tommy Lee, Lars Ulrich, and Dave Lombardo became unwitting mentors upon The Andimal’s receipt of a long-requested birthday present– his first set of drums– at the ripe age of 10. With his insanely short attention span and obsessive nature, his drumset saw components added and rearranged nearly as often as it was played, and brutal double-kick drumming became his obsession.
The Andimal specializes in auditory learning and mimicry; his ability to recall and recreate authentic patterns and punchlines reigns supreme among all drummers and movie-quoters. Growing up pummeling his Pearl Export in a condominium loft for hours on end, The Andimal honed his craft by aurally dissecting and tirelessly rehearsing beats and fills from his constantly expanding personal music collection. It has been repeatedly conjectured that had he studied Electrical Engineering as much as he practiced percussion while attending California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (SLO), he might be an Audio Engineer now. However, for The Andimal, drums, girls and beer (none of which were enjoyed by his EE contemporaries) proved to be a lot more fun than Calculus, so his course of study diverted from EE to a Bachelor of Science program in Wine & Viticulture. This shift enabled him to keep musical study as Priority #1 while obtaining the college degree he was always told he would need.
His instruments’ playing surfaces are comprised of prohibitively tough polyester and nickel silver/brass/bronze alloys. He swings the finest American Rock Maple and Hickory lumber in a tactical exertion to perform dynamic compositions while instinctively approaching all equipment’s sonic and durability limitations.
His vocal prowess is the stuff of legend (in his own mind); he DOES NOT need a microphone for you to hear him in the mix. He just wants you to come out to a show and move your @$$. If you do not oblige, or are failing to meet his high standard on ANYTHING, you will likely hear it from him. Just ask his bandmates.


• Custom Unwrapped Pearl Forum kick ( with rubberized black hardware
Pearl Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal
LP Rock Cowbell
• A big friggin’ bag of hardware
• Cheap sticks sold in bags of 10 pairs, Vic Firth SD4 seconds
• Cymbals: (Left to Right)
– 16″ Hi hats (Top: Zildjian A Custom Crash, Bottom: Sabian HHX Power Crash)
– 20″ Sabian HHXtreme Crash
– 12″ Agazarian Splash, 8″ Agazarian Splash
– 20″ Zildjian A Ride
– 18″ Sabian AA Extra Thin Crash
– 18″ Agazarian China
Meinl Headliner Guitar-String Cajon with kick pedal attached
LP Egg Shaker
LP Foot Tambourine
Vater Acousticks
• Alesis DM10X Electronic Drum Kit, custom mesh-head conversion
Yamaha DTX500 module with DTX 12″ snare and DTX900 series cymbals
DW9000 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Musical Influences

Bon Jovi
Mötley Crüe
Guns ‘N Roses
“Weird Al” Yankovic
Snoop Dogg
System of a Down
Remembering Never
Avenged Sevenfold
As I Lay Dying
Through the Eyes of the Dead
Dimmu Borgir
Dying Fetus
Fleshgod Apocalypse

A Few of His Favorite Things

• Being Correct
• Music
• Numbers
• Beating on things and moving them quickly
• The Beach
• The Colorado River on the CA/AZ/NV border
• Red Wine. And Beer. And Whiskey.
• Boards (Skate, Snow, Wake)
• The Internal Combustion Motor