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The Whereabouts are the kind of act it’s hard to write about, but easy to enjoy: A straight-ahead rock band, rooted in album-oriented classic rock and all that classic rock itself is rooted in. Whether they know that or not.

The Whereabouts

The Whereabouts at a boat house in Sunset Beach, CA

Formed late in 2012 in Laguna Niguel, California, The Whereabouts have played the run of West Coast venues where clubgoers still show up to listen than to be listened to, to see rather than be seen. These four guys — Christopher “CJ Hazard” Griffith, bassist Timothy “Timmy VG” von Gremp, drummer Andy “The Andimal” Gardikas, and guitarist Andrew Talley — have at least six feet of hair between them. But poseurs they are not.

CJ Hazard and Andrew Talley of the Whereabouts

CJ Hazard and Andrew Talley of the Whereabouts

At a time when rock’n’roll has become an ironic term, and bands have been replaced by wannabe celebrities whose live appearances are scripted marketing events, The Whereabouts want to remind you what rock music was all about in the first place: Not an onramp to Hollywood, but a road trip to wherever we end up.

– Written by Paul Boutin, music producer, Los Angeles, CA


What Others Are Saying About The Whereabouts

It’s interesting…
Jillian Troup, from the Rebel Transmission #5

The Whereabouts always bring the rain with their music.
John Safari, Orange County Music League Founder

What a talented group of individuals! We came across this group as we were in downtown Santa Ana conducting business. We heard these guys clear across the block and had to go by and see them play. We were amazed at how well they performed in front of the Yost Theater. They drew a crowd with the variety of music styles they brought to the table and kept us entertained. They have performances going on all across Orange County and we highly recommend you see them in action when you can. They guys were great to watch on stage and fun to talk to afterwards. Despite their rigorous performance, they still had the energy to joke around with us.
Jose Orueta, VoiceUrOn Founder

This is my favorite unsigned band…
Billy Ulrich, Guitarist